Pro-Suite Elite is our flagship service where our professionals endeavour to achieve excellent suitability standards while making the recommendations.

The USP of this service is, “Exclusive needs…. Customized Mutual Fund solutions…”

This service is suitable for those who are looking at designing an action plan for:

a. Achieving prioritized objectives; short term or/and long term
b. Managing money fluidity better
c. Enhancing savings potential

Our Value Proposition

To design compact investment portfolios tailor-made for clients and managing behavioural biases of investors.

Pillars of our Value Proposition

1. Designing Compact Portfolio

Its an art to design a compact portfolio which is concentrated yet well diversified.

a. Number of mutual fund schemes in a portfolio will not exceed 10. In most cases, it doesn’t exceed 5 schemes.
b. Portfolio is diversified across asset classes like equity and debt, and sometimes gold.
c. Equity Portfolio is diversified across market cap with Large Cap, Multicap and Midcap schemes

2. Tailor-made for you

We endeavour to provide tailor-made mutual fund solutions for investor’s unique needs. It enables investors to identify their pathway to accomplish goals. This is done on the basis of:

a. Investor Risk Profile: This is based on risk taking capacity and psychological risk tolerance level. It influences the Asset Allocation as well as scheme selection.

b. Nature and Tenure of Goals: Longer the tenure to accomplish goals, greater can be the equity exposure, enabling pursuit of higher returns. Shorter the tenure for goals, greater the debt exposure resulting in lower returns, albeit keeping the money relatively safe.

c. Studying structure of existing portfolio: Investor’s existing asset allocation and portfolio composition plays a crucial role in ascertaining the mutual fund recommendations suitable for them.

3. Investor Behaviour Management

Generally, investors tend to mix emotions with investments, which most of times results in bad investor experience. We guide investors to inculcate Intelligent Investor Behaviour.

Engagement Progression

Stage 1. Understanding your world… your needs

Every investor’s world is unique, distinct from any other investor. His needs are different, challenges unique, goals close to his heart.

Such complexities require tailor-made solutions and we at Ezefin Investment Solutions are well placed to offer that.

The best part, investors can experience our service before taking the leap.


Stage 2. Lets achieve goals together

In stage 1, we assist investors with an Action Plan to accomplish their goals. At the same time, we also encourage them to take timely action until their goals become a reality.

The real challenge investors face is Change, getting over inertia and doing things differently. This is where our hand-holding helps, ultimately helping investors to achieve goals.

Once investors are onboarded, their goals become our goals. We feel a sense of achievement when investors achieve their goals.

Our client onboarding process is quite smooth. Simply, open a Mutual Fund account with our assistance for execution of the recommendations and become our esteemed Client.

Stage 3. Enjoy benefits of our service

Our service offers numerous benefits. Some of them are listed below:

Fees & Charges

Fees payable by our clients – Nil

We do not charge fees from clients.

We are mutual fund distributors, where we receive commissions from AMCs. Commission is receivable when investors invest in the mutual fund schemes through us.

Direct Plans of mutual fund schemes are cheaper than Regular Plans, but we don’t assist in this arena.

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